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Buddha Rangoli

Buddha Rangoli Single piece Size – 18 inches Material- thick hop sheet 200micron Decorated with Kundan stones , pearl and

Ganesh Rangoli with pearl flowers

Ganesh Rangoli Size 6.5 inches with two flowers

Ganesha And Lakshmi

Handcrafted Ganesha and Lakshmi Size 6.5 inches

Ganesha Rangoli with Boarders

Ganesha rangoli with center ganesha Details Center piece six inches square , Base MDF , four small boarders, size 6 inches . Four decorated diyas

Ganesha Rangoli with Boarders

  1. Ganesha Rangoli with four side pieces and four Boarders. Center picture six inches square ,decorated with kundan stones .

Ganesha Rangoli with diya

Ganesha rangoli with center ganesha Details Center piece six inches square , Base MDF , four side pearl boarders , four decorated circles and four ganesha leaves

Ganesha Rangoli with Elephants

Suave Exclusive Ganesha Rangoli Details center Ganesha Size six inches square decorated with kundan stones , Base mdf also laminated Eight set of Elephants size 5 inches , four big boarders size 9 inches , four small boarders size six inches , four decorated diyas.

Ganesha Shubh labh

Ganesha Shubh labh   Size – ganesha¬† 5 ” diameter , other pieces 2″ diameter Made with artificial kundan stones

Krishna Rangoli

Beautiful Handcrafted Krishana Rangoli size of center picture eight inches square, two side pieces 5.5 inches . It can easily stick on wall .

Om Ganesha Rangoli

Om Ganesha Rangoli Description Each rangoli Set has Center Ganesha Size 6.5-7″ diameter Eight paan shape pieces Eight rectangular pieces

OM Rangoli

Delightful Handcrafted OM Rangoli With kalash, lotus ,lakshmi Charan and diya Set of 9 pcs Center OM Size – 6″

Radha Krishna Rangoli with Diya

Radha krishna rangoli A true attribute to love and dedication Center radha krishna Size 8″ decorated 4 side peacock design