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Ganesha Rangoli with Elephants

Suave Exclusive Ganesha Rangoli Details center Ganesha Size six inches square decorated with kundan stones , Base mdf also laminated Eight set of Elephants size 5 inches , four big boarders size 9 inches , four small boarders size six inches , four decorated diyas.

Ganesha And Lakshmi

Handcrafted Ganesha and Lakshmi Size 6.5 inches

Ganesha Rangoli with Boarders

Ganesha rangoli with center ganesha Details Center piece six inches square , Base MDF , four small boarders, size 6 inches . Four decorated diyas

Buddha Rangoli

Buddha Rangoli Single piece Size – 18 inches Material- thick hop sheet 200micron Decorated with Kundan stones , pearl and

Rangoli of Buddha

Believe in yourself Buddha Size – 13.5″ Single piece Easily stick and hang on the wall

Radha Krishna Rangoli with Diya

Radha krishna rangoli A true attribute to love and dedication Center radha krishna Size 8″ decorated 4 side peacock design

Rangoli Ganesha with lotus

Ganesha rangoli with elephant and lotus Description Center decorated ganesha Base mdf board Size- 7″ 4 pcs of elephant and

OM Rangoli

Delightful Handcrafted OM Rangoli With kalash, lotus ,lakshmi Charan and diya Set of 9 pcs Center OM Size – 6″

Ganesha Shubh labh

Ganesha Shubh labh   Size – ganesha  5 ” diameter , other pieces 2″ diameter Made with artificial kundan stones

Shanku, Chakra and Naman – red and green

  Shanku Chakra and Naman Description Color – Red and Green with kundan work Size – 6-6.5″ x 5″ Approx

Shanku Chakra and Naman – pink and green

Product description Shanku Chakra and Naman Color – Pink and Green with pearl Size – 6-6.5″ x 5″ Approx size

Om Ganesha Rangoli

Om Ganesha Rangoli Description Each rangoli Set has Center Ganesha Size 6.5-7″ diameter Eight paan shape pieces Eight rectangular pieces