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Blue flower rangoli

Blue flower rangoli Description Each rangoli Set has Eight flowers Size 3″ diameter One center piece Around 8 inches diameter

Ganesha Shubh labh

Ganesha Shubh labh   Size – ganesha  5 ” diameter , other pieces 2″ diameter Made with artificial kundan stones

Shubh labh kalash design

Kalash shubh labh   Size – 5.5″ Made with artificial kundan stones and chain Material- thick ohp sheet Easily stick

Shubh labh Multicolor

Shubh labh Size- 4.5″ Base Thick ohp Easily stick in wall

Ambi rangoli -green

Suave Ambi rangoli Color Green Center diya- 6″ diameter Ambi 8 pcs Size – 5″ each Box packing with extra

Small kalash with wooden diya holder

      Suave Exclusive Rangoli with wooden diya holder Decorated with kundan stones   Center wooden log diya Size

Peacock rangoli – Jashn-e-baharaa

Suave Most elegant and delightful kundan rangoli ✨Jashn-e-baharaa ✨ Peacock design made with glass and kundan stones Description- One center

Shanku, Chakra and Naman – red and green

  Shanku Chakra and Naman Description Color – Red and Green with kundan work Size – 6-6.5″ x 5″ Approx

Shanku Chakra and Naman – pink and green

Product description Shanku Chakra and Naman Color – Pink and Green with pearl Size – 6-6.5″ x 5″ Approx size

Red and Green circle rangoli

Red and Green circle rangoli Product description Each rangoli Set has Six Red and green circle Diameter 6″ Base mdf

Lotus rangoli with diya

Lotus rangoli with diya Description Each rangoli has One center circle Size  8.5″ diameter Five lotus 4″×3.5″ One yellow meta