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Red and Green circle rangoli

Red and Green circle rangoli Product description Each rangoli Set has Six Red and green circle Diameter 6″ Base mdf

Lotus rangoli with diya

Lotus rangoli with diya Description Each rangoli has One center circle Size  8.5″ diameter Five lotus 4″×3.5″ One yellow meta


Suave srichakram Single piece Srichakram Size - approx 8" square 4 Boarders 11 " 4 flowers Box packing

Shanku Chakra and Naman

Shanku ,Chakra and Naman Set of three pieces Size -6.5″ height Box packing with extra stones  

Kundan Rangoli Red -Agni Element

Suave Handcrafted rangoli Exclusive Rangoli - Inspired from" Fire Element " Details- Center piece made on mdf board Size 7.5" diameter Side 14 small circles 14 Red leaves  

Small Red and Green Rangoli with diyas

small rangoli set of five pieces . Center piece 3.5 inches. Side four pieces . Total diameter 9 inches. With four metal diyas

Happy New Year Rangoli Red and Green

Happy New Year Rangoli . Set of three pieces . Total Size 12 inches x10 inches . Flowers included

Circle Rangoli Red and Green

Circle Rangoli Details Set of nine pieces Size -center piece 6 inches diameter , eight side pieces . Total diameter it covers 14 inches . Reusable Rangoli

Square Rangoli Green

Square Rangoli , Set of nine pieces .Center piece 4.5 inches square . Side piece 4. 5 inches

Square Rangoli Red

Square Rangoli , Set of nine pieces .Center piece 4.5 inches square . Side piece 4. 5 inches

Circle rangoli with leaves

Exclusive Circle rangoli Details Set of four center piece , Eight small green leaves , Sixteen big green leaves

Circle rangoli with holder


Red and Green Kundan Rangoli

Set of four pieces

Size - 13 inches diameter , with center holder . Material ohp