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Ambi Rangoli Pink

Suave Ambi rangoli Center diya- 6" diameter Ambi 8 pcs Size - 5" each

Blue Ambi Rangoli

Ambi rangoli Set of six ambi and one center diya with ohp holder. Ambi size 5.5 inches . Diya size 6 inches.

Krishna Rangoli

Beautiful Handcrafted Krishana Rangoli size of center picture eight inches square, two side pieces 5.5 inches . It can easily stick on wall .

Pink Ambi Set

Set of Five ambi size 5.5 inches , five leaves 2 inches

Purple Ambi Set

Set of Ten Purple ambi size 5.5 inches

Kalash Rangoli

Kalash Rangoli Details Set of five ambi size 5.5 inches, kalash six inches, five small leaves size 2 inches

Peacock Ambi rangoli with feather

Peacock Rangoli Details - Set of five ambi pieces and five circle , size of ambi 5.5 inches circle 2.5 inches

Pearl Ambi rangoli

Pearl Ambi Rangoli Details Size Ambi 5.5 inches , diya 5 inches diameter , small diya 2 inches