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Big Circle Rangoli

Exclusive Circle rangoli Details Set of four center piece , Eight small green leaves , Sixteen big green leaves , eight outer pieces

Blue flower rangoli

Blue flower rangoli Description Each rangoli Set has Eight flowers Size 3″ diameter One center piece Around 8 inches diameter

Circle Rangoli Red and Green

Circle Rangoli Details Set of nine pieces Size -center piece 6 inches diameter , eight side pieces . Total diameter it covers 14 inches . Reusable Rangoli

Circle Rangoli with diya

Suave exclusivr rangoli set of four pieces- size 13 inches , ten diyas size 3,5 inches

Circle rangoli with holder


Red and Green Kundan Rangoli

Set of four pieces

Size - 13 inches diameter , with center holder . Material ohp

Crystal Diya rangoli

Cryastal Rangoli with exclusive diya . Details- Set of one diya, one center circle , four circle pieces, fifteen triangle pieces. This Rangoli covers 20 inches diameter

Diwali Exclusive Rangoli

Exclusive collection for Festive Season , Set of three pieces . Size 8.5 inches x4.5 inches

Diya Rangoli

Multicolor three Diya sets , Details center diya 8 inches , two side diyas 5 inches x7 inches

Diya Rangoli with decorated flowers

Diya Rangoli with five decorated diyas , four small leaves . Center holder with hanging . Led Tealights are not avaliable with the set

Diya with leaves rangoli

Diya with leaves Details Size of diya 5.5 inches diameter , six leaves size 4.5 inches , small leaves 3 inches

Elephants Sets

Set of ten elephants , Size 4 .5 inches

Exclusive Flower Rangoli

Suave Exclusive Rangoli center piece 8 inches diameter decorated with pearl and flowers . With ten petals . Flowers are included . Led tealoghts are not available with this set

Ganesha Rangoli with diya

Ganesha rangoli with center ganesha Details Center piece six inches square , Base MDF , four side pearl boarders , four decorated circles and four ganesha leaves

Ganesha Rangoli with Elephants

Suave Exclusive Ganesha Rangoli Details center Ganesha Size six inches square decorated with kundan stones , Base mdf also laminated Eight set of Elephants size 5 inches , four big boarders size 9 inches , four small boarders size six inches , four decorated diyas.

Grand Peacock Rangoli

Peacock Rangoli , Details Center peacock- eight inches diameter, side four pieces, eight peacock size -6.5 inches, eight lotus size 3.5 inches

Green and Purple Circle Rangoli

Handcrafted Kundan Rangoli Details- Decorated with kundan stones, Set of four pieces Size of  full Rangoli-  13 " diameter Box packaging Extra stones are available with set

Happy New Year Rangoli

Exclusive collection for Festive Season , Set of three pieces . Size 8.5 inches x4.5 inches

Happy New Year Rangoli Red and Green

Happy New Year Rangoli . Set of three pieces . Total Size 12 inches x10 inches . Flowers included

Heart Rangoli

Suave Exclusive Heart Rangoli Details - Set of six big hearts size 6.5 inches, six small heart decorated with flowers size 2.5 inches, one center piece 5 inches diameter

Heart Rangoli with Diya


Suave Heart Rangoli ,

Details set of four big hearts size 8 inches four small heart size 6.5 inches , with center metal diya .
Led tealight is not available with this set

Heart Rangoli with Crystal Diya

Suave Exclusive Heart Rangoli Details - Set of six big hearts size 6.5 inches, one center piece 5 inches diameter , six crystal diyas

Krishna Rangoli

Beautiful Handcrafted Krishana Rangoli size of center picture eight inches square, two side pieces 5.5 inches . It can easily stick on wall .

Kundan rangoli Blue – Air Element

Suave Handcrafted rangoli Exclusive Rangoli - Inspired from" Air Element " 💨💭 Details- Center piece made on mdf board Size 7" Side 4 pcs 2.5"× 7" 4 diyas 4 pearl Boarders